A history of farm security administration and magnum

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A history of farm security administration and magnum

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A history of farm security administration and magnum

Stalk rot diseases and the pathogens that cause them are common in corn fields. They can weaken corn stalks leading to stalk lodging, breakage, and harvest difficulties for producers.

They can also impact yield if they prematurely kill corn plants.

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Ears lost due to lodged corn may also create volunteer corn issues during the following year s. In addition, knowing which diseases are present in fields can help producers anticipate, prevent, and manage them in subsequent growing years.

Unfortunately, the symptoms that stalk rotting pathogens cause can be misleading and make it difficult to diagnose. In recent weeks, corn samples with stalk rot diseases have been submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic and have been confirmed elsewhere across Nebraska and other states.

There are numerous stalk rot diseases that occur in Nebraska and other states. Crop stress anytime during the growing season can lead to the development of some stalk rot diseases. Pay special attention to fields that have one or more of these risk factors for stalk rot diseases and lodging: Evaluating Stalk Strength Prior to Harvest Walking through the field, randomly select a minimum of plants representing a large portion of the field.

To test for stalk rot you can PUSH the plant tops away from you approximately 30 degrees from vertical. If the stalks crush easily by hand, their integrity has been reduced by stalk rot and they are prone to lodging.

The inside of infected stalks will appear discolored and possibly more hollow as the spongy white pith rots away, leaving the strands of loose vascular bundles.

Several fungi are common in our production fields and can opportunistically cause stalk rot diseases in stressed plants. Some of the most common stalk rot diseases this year are listed below: Fusarium stalk rot is especially common during damp conditions, but may occur anywhere.

One of the most common symptoms is the development of crown rot inside the lower stalk, below the soil line, near where roots attach to the stalk. The pathogen, Fusarium verticillioides, can sometimes be visible as white fungal growth on the outside of stalk nodes.

Eventually, the disease may cause discoloration of the inside of stalks to light pink or salmon. Gibberella stalk rot is also a common disease in Nebraska, caused by Fusarium graminearum syn. Pink to red discoloration inside the stalk is a common symptom of the disease that may also be accompanied by tiny black fungal structures Figure 3 on the surface of the stalk and may be scratched off.

A history of farm security administration and magnum

This and other stalk rot diseases also may lead to weakening and breakage of stalks at nodes. Anthracnose stalk rot can cause a leaf disease and is a common cause of top rot in corn. In more advanced stages the disease can cause the development of black lesions visible on the outside of the stalk and is caused by the fungus Colletotrichum graminicola.

Charcoal rot is one of the few diseases that are more common during drought conditions, and so, is more likely to affect corn in non-irrigated fields or pivot corners.

The disease is characterized by the presence of many tiny black, round structures inside the stalk that can give it a gray to black appearance, like charcoal dust.The Israelis hardly invented this technique, by the way.

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