Australiais transport management: sustainability essay

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Australiais transport management: sustainability essay

Essay on the importance of Sustainable Cities Tushar Advertisements: At the end of the twentieth century mankind is involved in unprecedented experiment. Men are transforming themselves to an urban species.

Cities are becoming our main habitat.

Australia’s Transport Management: Sustainability Essay Sample

In the entry-first century cities will decide the destiny of man. The entry-first century cities, with their functioning, will determine the nature of the biosphere. There will be no sustainable world without sustainable cities. It seems impossible for us to make a world of cities viable, environmentally, socially and economically.

The earth is unlikely to accommodate an urbanized humanity which routinely draws resources from distant hinterlands or routinely uses the biosphere. An answer to the question whether cities can transform themselves into self-regulating systems is critical to the future well-being of humanity.

The destiny of mankind is closely linked to the success or failure of human settlements. Many cities and towns have existed continuously for thousand of years. Other have turned into deserts.

They collapsed after destroying the local environments from which they drew their resources, or following social disaster or war. We must learn lessons from history and make sure that our cities are socially just, economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

The definition of the word city varies from country to country, depending on how much of the surrounding countryside is included. According to one estimate some 80 percent of the European, American and Australian population live in cities.

Asia and Africa have an even population distribution between city and country. Economic growth is rapidly changing the situation there. Global economic growth is closely associated with urbanization. We regard cities as places where most economic activity takes place is there where great wealth is generated.

With urbanization the impacts on the natural world have greatly increased over the last few decades. Cities built over 2 per cent of the world's land surface, use 75 per cent of the world's resources.

Australiais transport management: sustainability essay

They discharge similar amounts of waste. The commercial power of cities depends on the inversion of natural resources into consumer products. In recent years the attentions of planners and thinkers have been focused on the problems of deprivation, alienation, crime and social discontent found in cities.

Cities as cultural centers have received much attention. Environmental problems within cities in Sloping countries have been widely publicized, particularly those resulting from air and water pollution, lack of sanitation and waste management and poor working and housing conditions.

Epidemics like cholera, typhoid and TB are now threatening the poor communities in the cities in developing countries.Recently the management of transport has been increasingly needed due to the increasing amount of ownerships, for example, since ; there are 30 million more cars on UK roads, and the increasing awareness of greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.

In Australia like many other nations, the concern over sustainability is one of the most pressing issues in freight logistics because of its economic, environmental and political impacts. Under these circumstances, a comprehensive transportation management plan is in urgent needed.

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