Courtney love music industry essay

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Courtney love music industry essay

Also see Courtney Love's Letter to Recording Artsts Today I want to talk about piracy and music. Piracy is the act of stealing an artist's work without any intention of paying for it. I'm not talking about Napster-type software. I'm talking about major label recording contracts.

I want to start with a story about rock bands and record companies, and do some recording-contract math. This story is about a bidding-war band that gets a huge deal with a 20 percent royalty rate and a million-dollar advance. No bidding-war band ever got a 20 percent royalty, but whatever.

This is my "funny" math based on some reality and I just want to qualify it by saying I'm positive it's better math than what Edgar Bronfman Jr. What Courtney love music industry essay to that million dollars? They spend half a million to record their album.

The record is a big hit and sells a million copies. How a bidding-war band sells a million copies of its debut record is another rant entirely, but it's based on any basic civics-class knowledge that any of us have about cartels.

Put simply, the antitrust laws in this country are basically a joke, protecting us just enough to not have to rename our park service the Phillip Morris National Park Service. So, this band releases two singles and makes two videos.

Piracy in the Music Business-Courtney Love

The two videos cost a million dollars to make and 50 percent of the video production costs are recouped out of the band's royalties. You have to pay independent promotion to get your song on the radio; independent promotion is a system where the record companies use middlemen so they can pretend not to know that radio stations -- the unified broadcast system -- are getting paid to play their records.

Courtney love music industry essay

All of those independent promotion costs are charged to the band. How much does the record company make? That's mostly retail advertising, but marketing also pays for those huge posters of Marilyn Manson in Times Square and the street scouts who drive around in vans handing out black Korn T-shirts and backwards baseball caps.

Not to mention trips to Scores and cash for tips for all and sundry. Of course, they had fun. Hearing yourself on the radio, selling records, getting new fans and being on TV is great, but now the band doesn't have enough money to pay the rent and nobody has any credit.

Worst of all, after all this, the band owns none of its work they can pay the mortgage forever but they'll never own the house.

Our media says, "Boo hoo, poor pop stars, they had a nice ride. Fuck them for speaking up"; but I say this dialogue is imperative.Music Industry Essay Words | 9 Pages. listen to music for a variety of reasons. Some listen to music to relax in which it serves as a sort of escape from everyday life, some because they are a fan and follow a certain artist, and others because they can relate the lyrics to their own personal experiences.

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Kurt Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, and their daughter, Frances, brought some real happiness into his life. Analysis of Kurt Cobain Essay In conclusion, Kurt Cobain was a legendary hero in the music industry.

You could say he lived the lifestyle, "Live fast, die young (Smells Like a Dead Man, Drugs In The Music Industry Essay. Along with him, his wife Courtney Love made it fashionable to be a “junkie”. In the last year, Stone Temple Pilot’s singer Scott Weiland and Depeche Mode singer David Gahan, among others, have been arrested for cocaine or heroin possession.

The number of top bands that have been linked to heroin. In this essay I will be comparing the life of two valuable musicians of the entertainment industry, Brad Nowell and Kurt Cobain.

Bradley James Nowell was born to . Bebe Rexha reveals how to be humble in the music industry. Kirstie Alley reveals she once partied with Prince Charles at Courtney Love's house as she spills pens an emotional essay coming.

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