Dangerous ambition

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Dangerous ambition

In Dangerous Ambition, Susan Hertog chronicles the separate but intertwined journeys of these two remarkable Dangerous ambition writers, who achieved unprecedented fame and influence at tremendous personal cost.

American Dorothy Thompson was the first female head of a European news bureau, a columnist and commentator with a tremendous following whom Time magazine once ranked alongside Eleanor Roosevelt as the most influential woman in America.

Rebecca West, an Englishwoman at home wherever genius was spoken, blazed a trail for herself as a journalist, literary critic, novelist, and historian. In a prefeminist era when speaking truth to power could get anyone—of either gender—ostracized, blacklisted, or worse, these two smart, self-made women were among the first to warn the world about the dangers posed by fascism, communism, and appeasement.

But there was a price to be paid, Hertog shows, for any woman aspiring to such greatness. As much as they sought voice and power in the public forum of opinion and ideas, and the independence of mind and money that came with them, Thompson and West craved the comforts of marriage and home.

Torn between convention and the opportunities of the new postwar global world, they were drawn to men who were as ambitious and hungry for love as themselves: Wells, the lusty literary eminence whose sexual and emotional demands doomed any chance Dangerous ambition may have had at love.

Brimming with fresh insights obtained from previously sealed archives, this penetrating dual biography is a story of twinned lives caught up in the crosscurrents of world events and affairs of the heart—and of the unique trans-Atlantic friendship forged by two of the most creative Dangerous ambition complex women of their time.

This was a fascinating and extensively researched biography of two very intriguing women. I didn't know much about either Rebecca West or Dorothy Thompson, but I do believe that this book gave me a comprehensive overview of their good and bad qualities.

It's true that neither woman came off as a completely likeable person, but I didn't find this to detract from the appeal of the book. In fact, I enjoyed it all the more because the author clearly held nothing back. Both women lead dynamic lives, especially considering the time periods in which they lived.

Dorothy was an accomplished journalist. In fact, she was the first reporter to be granted an interview with Adolf Hitler, and was likewise the first reporter expelled from Germany, after she questioned his manhood, breeding Dangerous ambition mental stability.

Rebecca was extremely prolific, and wrote dozens upon dozens of critiques. She was of the opinion that her female contemporaries were writing the best work, and that the 'establishment' deemed their work as 'minor fiction'.

Of course much of this book centers around the love lives of these women, which I wasn't particularly looking forward to - until I discovered that Dorothy was married to Sinclair Lewis, and that Rebecca had a long-term affair and child with H. The look into the lives of these accomplished authors was quite interesting in its own right, especially as the book followed their successes and falls from grace.

I expected there to be more overlap between Rebecca and Dorothy's lives, and I expected that they would be very good friends.

As it turned out, while there did seem to be an awful lot of coincidences in their lives, they weren't really close friends. I thought the dual biography setup was interesting, unique and ultimately successful, though it didn't turn out the way I expected it to.

Of course, the book wasn't perfect, and my main issue was the way it jumped around in time. One chapter would cover one woman's life inand the next would jump to the other woman's life in There didn't seem to be a method behind the jumping, and it got especially jarring when while reading a chapter about one women, there would be a mention of something that happened to the other - only we hadn't gotten to that chapter yet.

Overall, this book was jam-packed with information, and was extremely detail rich and really immersed me in the world of these women.

At the same time, it was quite accessible and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in feminist literature, literary history, or simply a thought provoking biography. A probative illumination of two fascinating women and the times in which they lived By Wendy on Nov 20, This meticulously researched and compellingly written biography examines the lives of West and Thompson amidst the context of the historical and political times in which they lived.

While I emerged from this book resoundingly glad not to have been a close friend, let alone a spouse nor progeny, detritus of the lives of both women, I was ultimately awed by their fierce intellects, kinetic energy, drive and fearlessness.

It was fascinating to make their literary acquaintance. I believe it to be tempting but frivilous to consign this book to the genre of feminism; their achievements would have been equally impressive for either sex. But it is interesting to note that the feminist movement of the 60's would have done well to have learned from history by scrutinizing the lives of women such as West and Thompson and seen a cautionary tale about choices.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with an avid interest in history as well as for book groups for fascinating potential for discussion. This book has left me wanting to do more with my own life, a significant impact from what began as a leisurely read.

A dual biography of two fascinating women By Jaylia3 on Nov 14, A dual biography was an inspired but not completely successful choice for this book on Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson, two talented, fascinating and flawed women who lived and wrote in the early and middle part of the last century.

On the plus side, British Rebecca and American Dorothy were longtime friends, and in many ways their lives of ran parallel. Both had broken homes as children, Dorothy because of her mother's death and Rebecca because of her father's desertion, both wrote articles and books analyzing the world situation in the time surrounding the world wars, both had sons by famous men, Rebecca had an affair with H.

Wells when she was very young and Dorothy married Noble Prize winning author Sinclair Lewis, and both women had severely strained relationships with those sons, in part because as early career women they had little idea and no models for balancing career, love and family.

I was moved and intrigued by Dangerous Ambition, and it sent me on a quest for other books by and about her subjects, but covering two women meant that the author had to go back and forth in time which was sometimes befuddled the narrative.

Also there is a little more speculation than I feel comfortable with; "One would imagine.

Dangerous ambition

Still, on the whole I greatly enjoyed the unique perspective of this book about two intelligent, driven, influential women that I had known almost nothing about.

For starters I was looking for a behind the scenes view of Sinclair Lewis. I enjoyed his book Elmer Gantry, but by the time I'd finished both Babbit and Mainstreet I was thinking, Ok so you've pointed out mediocrity and conformity in society, but now what?

I was wondering where his point of view came from and how he coped with life.The Negative Effects Of Ambition When is too much ambition negative Too much ambition is detrimental when it gets to the point where your trying to harm someone else.

I am all about having ambition and surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to follow your dreams. But believe it or not, I have learned that too much encouragement and inspiration can cause you to do the opposite. Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow.

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