Goal writing samples

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Goal writing samples

General Market This textbook is designed as the primary general textbook for a History of Medicine course.

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This course is generally an elective upper level history course in 4-year institutions, and is a required course in most university medical schools. There would be no prerequisites for such a course, although general surveys of U.

Such courses are normally a part of a general education block of required courses. It would also be attractive to the Goal writing samples reading public. There are relatively few general histories of medicine textbooks available. A number of them do not reflect even moderately recent scholarship, as they were published before The only pre work which remains a classic study is William MacNeill's Plagues and Peoples, which is an outstanding study of the interactions of infectious diseases in the human populations, but it is not intended as a general medical history text.

There are only two textbooks of medical history written since Both cover the major topics quite adequately, and the Magner work is written in a reader-friendly style. The Porter book is a more traditional type of medical history textbook, paying a good deal of attention to the individuals whose discoveries forced progress of the profession.

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It does have the advantage of being available in both hardback and paperback editions. The Magner book spends more effort on the impact of disease and health on past societies and economies, and less on the "great men in history".

However, it had three problems: Secondly, although it has a few illustrations noticeably more than the Porter bookit is predominately text, making it less attractive to the student, and the general reading public. Finally, it was published innever reprinted, nor revised.

Goal writing samples

There has been a good deal of new scholarship in the past decade which needs to be incorporated into a medical history textbook. Brief Description Most medical history texts currently available adopt the "great men in medical history" approach. My textbook would address what I perceive as a lack of coverage in these texts: While most people have heard of the Black Death, that is where most people's knowledge of the effects of disease on history ends.

The general population, and students in particular, have little inkling of the many ways that health problems have impacted major events. For example, had Athens not been decimated by an unknown plague in B.

There are literally dozens of such examples throughout history. This book would fall in the classification of social and economic history.

Its focus would demonstrate not only the development of the health care professions and institutions, but more importantly the effects that health care problems and solutions have had on the common man and woman, and the society and economy in which they functioned.

Goal writing samples

Attention would also be given to issues in medical care that have evolved, for example in the 20th century, a discussion of basic bioethics, and an examination of the development and dangers of bioterrorism.

Because of the strong social history slant, the book will also address in some detail the role of women in health care, and the role of medicine in the history of children and the family.

The overall format will be chronological with certain threads or themes reappearing regularly. To use another example, Chinese medicine will be discussed in some detail in the early material, but will also reappear when discussing the current relationship between Western medicine and "alternative medicine" in modern America.Student Models.

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