Internet makes people lazy

Does Technology Make Us Lazy? Maybe it would have been justifiable if my destination was all the way across campus, or if it had been raining or chilly. But no, it was the picture perfect day - sun shining, not too hot and not too cold - and I was taking the damn bus which honestly probably wasn't even a quicker route to the dorm.

Internet makes people lazy

Next Why are there so many lazy people on the internet Not that yahoo answers is complaining? Seriously so many people Hell most of the people on the internet are so lazy instead of using Google to find their answers they come to yahoo answers and i mean to find seriously stupid things Most of the things searched on here can be found by anyone on Google in like under a minute Its not that they cant find it or any of that crap they just seem to be too lazy What's up with that????

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Even on the lazy option of life where all your fingers do the walking people rather have other people's fingers walk for them WEIRD!!! P But im talking about stupid questions that have one possible answer like When do the clocks go back and things like that If they type that in Google it come sup as the top result things like that Personally I only ask when i cant find what im looking for Pamela Martha Focker is a pretty Kitty as it shows in the extra details section im specifically talking about questions that can be answered by search English like people ask for release dates of films and book etc.

Internet makes people lazy

You see that's what I am saying it is illogical they take the long way around for a lot of reasons I do believe that a lot of people are lazy. But its illogical none the lessSo people are not being lazy. Technology only makes life easy, time consuming and effective.

Internet makes people lazy

It is a simple matter of a few keystrokes to send a message across the world, because of the technology. The internet isn't making us dumber—but it does remove the pressure to memorize information.

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The internet isn't making us dumber—but it does remove the pressure to memorize information. Jul 28, "The Google Effect" Is Real and It's Making Us Lazy.


by Kelsey Clark. Pinterest. Ladau, like other people with disabilities, is used to seeing late-night hosts, internet memes, and people on social media mocking the “silly pieces of plastic” that can be life-changing. We first identified whether people were active or passive users of digital technology by using a questionnaire that reflected their interactions with different internet forms, including Facebook.

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I do think we as a people have become too lazy. Nobody wants to realize how privileged they are just to be able to do basic things like use their legs for walking.

. But the boomer generation seems to think otherwise: Millennials are to blame for their own financial situation, thanks to wasting time on the Internet and being too lazy to find jobs.

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