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Oct 24, 67 As I have said before I think the C-1 is a very interesting concept which I may be interested in at some point if they can get the technology sorted out and the price down to a reasonable level. They also now appear to be racing Elio Motors to production as they were supposed to enter production late this year however just a few days ago they announced a major delay. A friend of mind has a Lit reservation and sent me this letter sent late last week by the Lit Motors CEO to reservation holders. The letter essentially says that they are not even close to being production ready at this point and expect to be working on the system throughout

Lit motors

C-1 is Lit Motors flagship vehicle. C1 is a modern evolution of gyrocar. It can self balance itself, unlike a motorcycle with help of computer controlled 2 high rpm gyro wheels located under the driver's seat. These gyros also act as generators in case of deacceleration and braking charging the battery.

C-1 is electric powered with in-wheel hub 20 kw motor in rear wheel. It achieves kmph of top speed with acceleration of in 7 seconds. Its range is estimated to be between miles on full charge to batteries.

Lit motors

Depending upon vehicle classification system, C-1 will be classified as motorcycle in most markets. Lit Motors is taking pre orders for C1 to be delivered by Lit Motors also plans to license its gyro self stabalizing technology to other manufacturers who would like to make more stable SUV's.

C1 is less expensive than electric cars and much safer than motorcycles and scooters, electric or not. C1 has safety features like a rigid shell body, airbags, ABS and is claimed to be even stable in event of a crash!

Though it looks like a vehicle from science fiction, it can be a perfect city vehicle. C1 is right now under prototyping stage.Bay Area start-up Lit Motors specializes in creative vehicle concepts. Their most recent project, the Kubo, takes the urban-utility concept in a direction that emphasizes low center of gravity.

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Despite appearances to the contrary, the dominant form of transportation around the world is the motorcycle. This fact led LIT Motors founder Danny Kim to re-think what was required of a car as. The C-1 is a revolutionary innovation in the industry, creating new standards of car interface and safety on a two-wheeled platform.

Imagine, a vehicle that drives like a car, but balances itself on two wheels.

Lit motors

Too lateā€“LIT Motors already did it, back in As this BBC video demonstrates, the all-electric LIT Motors C1 electric motorcycle is an amazing feat of engineering. Using gyroscopes and electric motors to keep its .

Lit Motors C1 All-Electric Two-Wheeler Update: Still In Development (Video)