My mouth is a volcano writing activity for middle school

Tuesday, January 10, My Mouth is a Volcano! I'm already writing about another Julia Cook book. I just can't get enough! This time I used the book My Mouth is a Volcano in 2nd grade.

My mouth is a volcano writing activity for middle school

To give a brief geological background, Masaya Volcano is located within the El Ventarron or Masaya caldera built upon the Pleistocene pyroclastic shield volcano Las Sierras.

Parasitic cones dot the flanks and a lava field is prominent towards Laguna de Masaya on the east flank of the volcano. This dominantly basaltic volcano has produced the odd explosive eruption as well as hosting lava lakes.

View of the lava lake at the bottom of Santiago crater. The early years of discovery We go back to the year during the time the Spanish conquistadors had invaded The New World and at that time the Spaniards had witnessed volcanic activity from Masaya and Momotombo volcanoes.

They left Managua on horseback on 25th July and arrived at Laguna de Masaya before starting to climb at night where Gonzalo describes forcing his way through rough terrain, a reference to the lava fields on the east side of the Masaya caldera.

From stories collected from the indigenous people it was suggested that the source of activity was previously located in the Masaya crater now inactivebut when the Spaniards discovered Masaya Volcano it was in the Nindiri crater which was then the centre of volcanic activity.

He then described the lava lake as having two main lava fountains with a lava spring towards the east-northeast wall with a dense cloud of smoke coming out from the cave my mouth is a volcano writing activity for middle school the lava lake.

His first descent of the crater came on 13th April when he walked onto the crater floor full of ashes and basaltic rocks without technical support and holding only a wooden cross in one hand and a hammer in the other. Believing that the lava lake was molten gold and not wanting the rich to know about it, the expedition was carried out in secrecy among Fray Blas del Castillo and his companions.

Blas del Castillo descended into the crater again in a basket and wore an iron helmet, he took with him a hammer, a flask of wine, and not forgetting his trusty wooden cross. On the ground and among some cracks emitting sulphurous fumes, he hammered away at the rocks collecting samples for over 3 hours and even hammered away at the bright crusts believing it to contain molten silver.

Soon afterwards, men worked hard day and night to install pulleys and devices and they used a chain to lower the iron container into the crater to collect samples.

At one point, the container got stuck and was difficult to get off but eventually they freed it with a semi melted sample. Tired, the expedition party decided to call it a day and returned to their respected places of residence and realised more chains would be needed.

On the 30th Aprilthe friar Blas del Castillo along with 7 other men descended into the crater and final managed to submerge the iron container into the melted matter after unsuccessful attempts and hauled it up full of scoria and so they managed to get their samples.

Eventually, the iron container became glued to the melted matter on another attempt and the chains broke. Soon, the samples were studied and they were found not to be gold nor silver, much to the disappointment of the Governor Rodrigo Contreras who then banned Blas del Castillo from carrying out new prospectings.

Fray Blas del Castillo later died upon his return to what is now Nicaragua from Spain after receiving authorisation from the king to find more potential gold. He was the first volcanologist of the New World.

my mouth is a volcano writing activity for middle school

Despite the samples being discovered not to be of gold nor silver, this did not stop other people from believing the lava lake to be full of riches and having plans to exploit it.

Not only was Volcan Masaya thought to contain riches, it was also associated with superstition from both the indigenous people and the Spaniards. The indigenous people thought of the volcano as a god, they made offerings and also human sacrifices by throwing children and virgins into the lava lake, how charming!

It is also said that a sorceress made an appearance inside the volcano when the local chiefs seeked advice. So based on early accounts and information of Masaya Volcano, this indicates that only two craters existed back then which were the Masaya and Nindiri craters, the latter hosting a lava lake.

The lava flows and the emergence of Santiago crater Fast forward to the yearand the lava lake had progressively filled the Nindiri crater, it is said that it grew as wide as m.

Eventually, the lava overflowed the crater rim onto the north flank flowing for 2km and evidence of that can still be seen today. Ina fissure eruption occurred to the north of Masaya crater during the early hours of 16th March after being preceded by 2 hours of strong earthquakes.

Lava flowed continuously for 8 days to the north eventually overflowing the caldera rim and parts of it branched out across the caldera walls, one branch flowed into Laguna de Masaya.

Some simple facts about volcanoes:

Infurther activity was observed in the Nindiri crater when lava was erupted onto the crater floor. Then in saw the formation of two new pit craters, Santiago and San Pedro respectively. Santiago formed in with an initial diameter of 80 x 65m, later expanding to m wide during The Santiago crater later became the location of most recent activity on Volcan Masaya and it still goes on today.

my mouth is a volcano writing activity for middle school

The summit area of Masaya Volcano. Activity of modern times The formation of the Santiago and San Pedro collapse pit craters exposed the alternating lava and tephra layers in the crater walls especially that of the formerly active Nindiri crater.

Santiago crater often displays degassing activity and episodes of collapse events have occurred inside the crater whether it originated from the crater walls or on the crater floor.Harry and Rosemary Wong are teachers.

Harry is a native of San Francisco and taught middle school and high school science. Rosemary is a native of New Orleans and taught K-8, including working as the school media coordinator and student activity director.

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