One more time

It is an old story, this irresistible and ceaseless onflow of life and time; time always scattering the flowers of life with a lavish hand along its course

One more time

Is this just fantasy? Even a few seconds from any of the six main sections is enough to recognize it. With a new biopic on Freddie Mercury named for the song, much is being said about the singer's mastery that brought him to the top.

The singer had an impressive 37 semi-tone vocal range, but Mercury's pitch range was not the most important aspect of his voice. His dynamic and timbral range, and his control of these aspects of his voice were far more important.

Mercury had a broad performance style perfectly suited to the increasingly complex studio productions of the s. He seemingly had a complete mastery of his voice, from the loudest to the most quiet performance intensities, and from the purest to the most pressed, harsh vocal tones.

It is this quality that places him in the most elite group of vocal performers in the history of recording production. We take for granted a huge range of vocal performance intensity the musical dynamics or loudness of the performance when recorded and timbre sound quality in modern recordings.

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In modern studios, we have the benefit of digital audio systems, but back then, this was still done with multitrack tape. Like a screen actor, the vocalist must deliver a range of performances, all with an ear toward the final edited product.

The changes in loudness from the range of performance intensity during recording are controlled with dynamics processors and mixing. The changes in timbre are kept in an aesthetically desirable range with various signal processors and recording techniques.

Through the judicious use of these technologies, a broader range of expression is available, and the vocalist and producer can make artistic use of that broader palette. Mercury delivers a huge range of emotions, conveyed with significant changes in timbre and performance intensity.

It is as if he has considered the expressive qualities of each and every phrase, even each word. We hear an example in the first verse of the ballad. The effect is that of a moment of nostalgia in the narrator giving way to a dramatic lament at his current situation.

One more time

Continuing, Mercury delivers a full-throated forte as the intensity grows through the lyrics: His performance relied on the available tools of his day: Brandon Vaccaro is an assistant teaching professor of music and the coordinator of the Sound Recording Technology program at UMass Lowell.One More Time: A Memoir (Encore Nonfiction Modern Classics) [Carol Burnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Carol Burnett spent most of her childhood in a Depression-scarred Hollywood neighborhood, where she lived in a single-room apartment with her endearingly batty grandmother/5(84).

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One more time

One More Night Lyrics: You and I go hard / At each other like we going to war / You and I go rough / We keep throwing things and slamming the doors / You and I get so / Damn dysfunctional we stop.

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