Ramadan sharif

Angels greet us with Salam.

Ramadan sharif

The Sufis advocate peace and goodwill to all of society and are committed to peaceful coexistence, through love, faith and tolerance. The Mosque houses a number of community projects which aim to improve the quality of life and well-being of the community.

The Ramadan sharif the Companions of the Holy Prophet may Allah be pleased with them followed the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and spread the message within their era. Then the Auliya Saints were given the responsibility of guiding the Muslim community, through the spiritual path of Sufism.

Sufism and its Saints have primarily been responsible for the spread of Islam across the world, through the way of love, piousness, generosity and tolerance. The name Naqshbandi is taken from the founder of the Tariqa, Hazrat Khwaja Baha-uddin Naqshband raa Sufi saint of the 14th century from Bukhara, in modern day Uzbekistan.

Under the spiritual guidance of Hazrat Khwaja Zindapir Sahib ramany Khulafa spiritual representatives of the Naqshbandi-Ghamkolvi Tariqa have been appointed to spread its mission nationally and internationally, extending the Tariqa into the Middle-east, Southern Africa, Europe and the Americas.

For example, Hazrat Ghazi Baba, who was a Khalifa of Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed Qasim ra in Kohat, informed Janab Hussain Shah Sahib, who was the elder brother of Zindapir Sahib rathat his brother was no ordinary person, and that he would become a great saint of his time and would be elevated to the maqaam of Ghausiyaat highest ranking saint of his era.

Hazrat Khwaja Zindapir Sahib ra joined the civil sector within the army in as a master-tailor.

Ramadan sharif

During this time also, Zindapir Sahib ra was seeking a spiritual guide and visited many Darbars throughout Pakistan, but was unable to satisfy his spiritual thirst. You are my last Khalifa spiritual representative and your faiz spiritual blessings will be the greatest.

Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed Qasim Sahib ra departed from this world a few years later in Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed Qasim Sahib ra of Mohra Sharif Zindapir Sahib ra continued to serve in the army for the next 10 years and his sainthood was a closely guarded secret within the Army Unit apart from a few close companions.

Whilst the Unit was stationed in Sarai Alamghir, during the first India-Pakistan war inHazrat Khwaja Zindapir Sahib ra would leave the camp in the evening to spend the night praying at a nearby watercourse.


On this occasion when he went to pray, he would walk out on the surface of the water into the middle of the watercourse, lay out his prayer mat and offer prayers. One of the members of the Army Unit noticed that Zindapir Sahib ra was leaving the camp each evening and reported it to the Commanding Officer.

The CO decided to investigate and the following night hid near the tent of Zindapir Sahib rawhere he watched and followed Zindapir Sahib ra walk down to the watercourse and lay his prayer mat on the water. Zindapir Sahib ra was about to commence his prayer but paused and called the CO by his name and asked him to come forward.

Amazed, the CO stepped out from behind some trees and Zindapir Sahib ra warned him not to disclose what he had seen to anyone and to issue the following three orders to the unit.

Special order items

Firstly, all members of the Unit were to fast from the following day. Secondly, the regiment roll call would take place in the Unit Mosque each evening where taraveeh prayers would be offered, and thirdly, during Ramadan the Unit would be permitted to a later start time in the morning.

It had previously been the practice that the Unit were given a dispensation from observing Ramadan during a time of conflict. Finally, later inwhilst stationed in Abbottabad, it had become a wide known fact within the Unit that Hazrat Khwaja Zindapir Sahib ra was a saint of the highest rank.

He left the army in but stayed in Abbottabad close to the Unit and continued practising as a Pir spiritual guide. Hazrat Toori Baba Sahib ra was the landlord of acres and offered acres to Zindapir Sahib ra to move and practise from there.

He would consider it an honour and himself very fortunate if Zindapir Sahib ra would accept. Zindapir Sahib ra responded and stated that he was soon to leave for Hajj and would, thereafter, proceed on the basis of his order from Medina Sharif.

Whilst in Medina Sharif, Zindapir Sahib ra stood in front of the Roza Mubarak holy grave of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and respectfully requested what the order for him was. Zindapir Sahib ra was then shown a vision in which he saw some mountains.

This is when the name Zindapir was given by the Holy Prophet peace be upon him himself.

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He was thus instructed to proceed to Ghamkol Sharif. Upon returning from pilgrimage Zindapir Sahib ra made a Hijrat migration from Abbottabad to Kohat, following the instructions he had received in Medina Sharif.

Once in the valley of Ghamkol Sharif, Zindapir Sahib ra took refuge in a cave half way up one of the mountains. He asked a companion to block the entrance to the cave in order to shut himself away in prayer.

This cave has been preserved to the present day and is visited by those who come to the Darbar.

Ramadan is the holy month when Muslims fast and try to perform thawab (good deeds rewarded by Allah). The person fasting is not supposed to eat before iftar (breaking the fast with dates), or lie, speak wrong about anyone behind their backs or do. Ramadan is the holy month of fasting from dawn to dusk and offering our prayers to the Almighty Wish u a very Happy Ramadan Mubarak tags: happy Ramadan Mubarak Ramadan Ramadan Mubarak ramzan. View the profiles of professionals named Sharif Ramadan on LinkedIn. There are 5 professionals named Sharif Ramadan, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.

A stone staircase has been constructed to provide the visitors with a safe and accessible route up to the cave. The first cave in the valley of Ghamkol Sharif Zindapir Sahib ra was then commanded that he had not been sent to Ghamkol Sharif to close himself away from the world but to go and spread the message of Islam.

Zindapir Sahib ra moved down into the valley to another cave which is located just above the room where he received visitors during his lifetime. From here he began to teach and soon the news of his presence began to spread. This practice continued for several years and the number of disciples and visitors began to increase.

Hazrat Khwaja Zindapir Sahib ra had love for saints that belonged to the four main Tariqas of the Naqshbandia, Qadiria, Chishtia and Suhrawardia, but he was particularly fond of and would often speak about Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti ra of Ajmer Sharif, who was also known as Gareeb Nawaz, who according to Zindapir Sahib ra was the first light of the Tariqat in the Indian subcontinent.

He would visit around 2am and offer tahajjud prayers and then return back to Ghamkol Sharif before Fajr prayer.

This practice continued for a number of years. The first construction within the perimeters of the Darbar was its Jamia Mosque.As Ramadan approaches, Afghani President Ashraf Ghani has called for a week-long cease-fire with the Taliban, drawing wide support from the international community and NATO.

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Jul 01,  · Watch video · Watch Ramazan Sharif Name ID Geo live transmission 1st Ramadan to 30 Ramzan - YouTube by Malik tahir. Malik tahir. on Dailymotion here.

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