Swot analysis of otobi

This research provides World Data on Reupholstery and furniture repair. The report is available in several Editions and Parts and the contents and cost of each part is shown below.

Swot analysis of otobi

Wall paneling Development of the Market The PVC doors industry in Bangladesh has undergone changes in different ways, developments; particularly in year are as follows. Increasing outlets or showroom New products are being introduced to customer Many new and old door sheet companies existing in this side Competition has increased, provided the customer with more alternatives The spread of furniture sector in Bangladesh has created more career and employment opportunity There has been major development of multinational or national company sector.

Competition has increased, providing the customer with more service. Employees In Mustafa metal there are few departments. Marketing and sales departments are work directly under Sr. And numbers of employees are working under the supervision of other development section and dealers distribution.

The hierarchies of employees according to the designation are below: Regional sales manager are controlling these sales forces. They work at the retail outlet and corporate customer. These units and their activities are given below: Plans, set target, develop products Marketing: Develops the advertisement, campaign materials Distribution: Distributes products, achieve sales target Sales: Help customer to inform about the product, price, quality etc.

Inform the customer to contact sales department if any problem they have faced. Marketing Department Sales and Marketing department activities are converted into two types of activities.

They are Market Research and development and Market Communication. Market Communication The functions of marketing department are manifold. However the main function can be articulated as to develop product and promote concept building for promotional activities. Competitors activity analysis Concept building for promotional activities It includes advertisement in the leading dailies and carryout promotional activities in the most effective manner within a given budget, to arrange outdoor advertisement, hoarding, promotion of gift items like dairy, calendar etc.

MRD also evaluate the possibilities and develop new product. MRD get feedback from sales, customer care and market communication departments regarding customer needs and market requirements.

Feedback helps in redefining an existing product. New ideas are developed after evaluation of market demand. MRD department supports various departments in performing their job.Read this essay on Navana Realestet.

Swot analysis of otobi

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Then we analysis its monstermanfilm.com that we try to find out its major competitor and their strength and try to analysis it. Then the most important part is 4p’s of NREL. Otobi has a good mindset among the customer though there are other.

SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis as an important tool for evaluating the company’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. It helps the organization to identify how to evaluate its performance and identify ways to minimize the affect of weakness in my business while maximizing my strength.

Otobi started off with office furniture but. The objectives of this report are: To carry out SWOT analysis of OTOBI Ltd To evaluate the sources of competitive advantage of OTOBI Ltd To analyze the functional level strategy implemented by OTOBI Ltd To study the nature of the business level strategy followed by OTOBI Ltd To explore the corporate level strategy pursued by OTOBI Ltd Intel Corporation’s vision statement, mission statement and their characteristics are analyzed in this semiconductor and microprocessor business case study.

Intel Corporation’s SWOT Analysis & Recommendations; Intel Corporation’s Marketing Mix (4Ps) Analysis Wendy’s Vision Statement & Mission Statement (An Analysis).

Current Scenario The SWOT ANALYSIS on Otobi’s Furniture: Overall differentiation Niche (focus) differentiation Strengths Weaknesses High quality products and services Strong national brand image Market leader in Bangladesh Fully mechanized system Awards Opportunities SWOT The price is high for most of the customers Not much stores in /5(3).

Among the brands Otobi and imported brands are real threats for Hatil. It is difficult or expensive to exit furniture industry. SWOT Analysis: Strengths Weakness 1.

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