The battle of waterloo essay

Waterloo Campaign The strategic situation in Western Europe in Napoleon was forced to leave 20, men in Western France to reduce a royalist insurrection. On 13 Marchsix days before Napoleon reached Paris, the powers at the Congress of Vienna declared him an outlaw. Crucially, this would have bought him time to recruit and train more men before turning his armies against the Austrians and Russians.

The battle of waterloo essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? He only had one way to stay emperor and that was to fight his way through it. This ended up leading to the strategy proper of the war because Napoleon knew that the British and Prussian armies were trying to meet up so he marched his army to a spot where he was in between them.

Once his army was in the middle he ended up hitting the British on the west side and the Prussians on the east side. The grand tactics come in when Napoleon wants Ney to take the crossroads of Quatre-Bras so that way he can go reinforce him if needed.

This led to the battle against the British there, where the French were being held off pretty well. But while this was happening the French attacked the Prussians at Ligny and were able to defeat them which made holding Quatre-Bras for the British untenable. So the British retreated and marched north parallel to the Prussians retreat.

There were many battlefield maneuvers that impacted the outcomes of the battles. One was when Wellington had ordered in reinforcements for Quatre-Bras. The next maneuver was when the Prussians had been defeated they were able to retreat unnoticed from the French.

The Prussians getting away without the French knowing was big because they were able to make it back to Wavres where there reinforcements were so that they could have a fresh new army to fight them with. This leads to another maneuver, which happened once Napoleon finally realized the Prussians had retreated.

Napoleon decided to send a big chunk of his army after the Prussians even though his army would be around 2 days behind them.

The Battle of Waterloo | Essay Example

This was a bad move because then when the French army reached Waterloo he now had to face the British and the Prussians combined without part of his army to use.

And the last battle maneuver was when Wellington had his army hide behind a ridge and therefore Ney believed they were retreating and sent his cavalry after them. Once his cavalry got over the ridge they were annihilated by the British infantry, which eventually led to them losing the battle.

Napoleon as a general made some bad choices during these battles. One bad choice he made was not following the Prussians right away when they retreated. Because of this the Prussians were able to get back to their reinforcements and then were able to meet up with the British.

Another bad choice Napoleon made was when he decided to wait 4 hours to battle because he wanted the ground to dry to help his cavalry and artillery. Because of this move he allowed the Prussians enough time to get to the battle and now he had to fight two armies instead of one.

And the next bad decision Napoleon made was sending his cavalry on an assault on Mont Saint Jean because he took a big loss on cavalry from that. One of the key reasons why Napoleon and his French army were defeated was because of the attack at Hogomouh.

He lost a lot more troops then he needed to which did not help him in the long run. The next reason why he was defeated is because of the imperial guard attack. In this attack he lost a lot of cavalry that could have helped out later in the war.

And the final key reason Napoleons army lost was that he delayed one of the battles. Because he delayed attacking it gave the Prussians enough time to arrive and help out the British.

The battle of waterloo essay

Overall Napoleon made some key decisions that turned out to lead to his defeat. The Battle of Waterloo.Essay about The Battle of Waterloo; Essay about The Battle of Waterloo.

Words 5 Pages. The Battle of Waterloo is one of the most famous battles in European history. The battle itself started when Napoleon escaped from Elba and returned to France.

The battle was fought at Waterloo (Spielvogel ). Essay The Battle of Waterloo.

Battle of waterloo essay

Jan 17,  · The Battle of Waterloo was fought thirteen kilometres south of Brussels between the French, under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Allied armies commanded by the Duke of Wellington from Britain and General Blücher from Prussia.

The French defeat at Waterloo drew to a close 23 years of war beginning with the . The Battle of Waterloo he The Battle of Waterloo Napoleon was just recently made emperor again in France in And his enemy’s had already formed an alliance against him.

Custom The Battle of the Waterloo Essay This battle was fought on 18 th June between the French (Napoleon’s) Army and the forces that were commanded by the Duke of Wellington that comprised that of the British, Dutch, Belgian and German forces.

Essay The Battle of Waterloo Words | 8 Pages. years and expanded the French Empire from Portugal to Russia, his reign came to end at the hands' of his enemies. The Battle of Waterloo was Napoleon's last stand as a military commander and will be examined for his use of the principles of the operations process.

3. To carry out analytical study and highlight the weaknesses which lead to Napoleon defeat in the Battle of Waterloo. Scheme of Presentation.

The battle of waterloo essay

4. The Battle of Waterloo is covered in the fol seq: a. Backgr. b. Face of the Battle Field. c. Opposing Forces. d. Opposing Plans. .

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