The world of dreams

Dream interpretation Ancient history The Dreaming is a common term within the animist creation narrative of indigenous Australians for a personal, or group, creation and for what may be understood as the "timeless time" of formative creation and perpetual creating.

The world of dreams

Edit Anyone can enter the World of Dreams while sleeping, and those who brush up against it in their sleep often do not know what they are doing. These people usually do not stay for more than a few seconds. Another way to access the World of Dreams is to create a gateway into it from the waking world.

Aiel Wise Oneshowever, have warned against this several times, stating that anyone who does this loses a piece of their humanity. It is unclear if this is caused by the channeler, or if an outside force has actually pulled them into the Unseen World somehow.

Along the same lines, people who are wounded there will awaken with the wounds. The world is malleable; one can project thoughts to make creatures and buildings.

Larger things that are made in this fashion are more difficult to maintain and control than smaller ones.

The world of dreams

A person with stray thoughts in the World of Dreams may have difficulty maintaining their personal appearance, which often causes their clothing to flicker and change. The key to mastering the World is to always remember it is a dream; if a person accepts something happening as reality that person may become trapped in the dream.

The world of dreams, to keep her personal appearance solid and unchanging, a Dreamwalker must focus and think of herself as real.

Individuals who are talented at manipulating the World of Dreams can also imagine themselves as being somewhere else, and they will instantly appear in that location. Additionally, such The world of dreams can also affect constructs made by other individuals; someone with greater control of the World of Dreams could imagine something out of existence while a person with less control is actively attempting to prevent it.

One often experiences a constant feeling of unseen eyes watching from every direction while within it. Time is also difficult to measure within the World of Dreams and appears to pass at a completely different rate.

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While time is different between the World of Dreams and the waking world, it does not run backwards. Wolfbrothers seem to have the greatest amount of control over the World of Dreams than all others, for they have both the intrinsic connection to it that the wolves do, but supplemented with human intelligence regarding how and what they wish to do.

Perrin Aybarafor instance, mastered the World of Dreams so completely that he can enter and exit it in the flesh simply by willing it so, and manipulate virtually anything within it.

While not a wolfbrother, his master of the Dream World is surpassed only by Perrin due to his own wolfbrother nature. A person who visits the Unseen World while sleeping does not get the same rest as someone who sleeps and dreams normally throughout the night.

Reflection of the Waking World Edit The World of Dreams is a mirror of the waking world, except that it is a non-permanent one. Objects such as geographical formations, forests, and mountains exist.

A door in the World of Dreams may appear open one second, and shut the next. Wild animals are also part of the World; however, domesticated animals are not.

Wolves appear to have a particular connection with it, as they are able to enter it at will and exert some amount of control over it similar to what Dreamwalkers are capable of.

One who enters this strange place feels as if they are floating through a sea of stars, but they have no body that they can see or feel.

Each of these stars represents the dreams of people in the world as they sleep. In this place a Dreamwalker can find the dreams of others and observe their dreams, though it is considered rude to do so.

This is considered something of The Shadow, it is a very sinister act.

World of Dreams

The Aiel Wise Ones say that this was done during the War of the Shadow and that it must never be done again.

The person to whom it belongs has a high degree of control over the place, far more than in the normal world of dreams.

Cyndane at the end of ToM tried to entrap Rand into one of her dreamshards. Moridin held a meeting with the remaining Chosen in one of his dreamshard during AMol, and it seems likely that other meetings have been held there previously.

Rules that govern the heroes prohibit contacting or communicating with dreamwalkers, a rule that the hero Birgitte Silverbow disregarded on numerous occasions to aid in the fight with the shadow. While heroes lack the ability to manipulate the world of dreams to the extent of the dreamwalkers, they are more aware of what occurs inside the dream.

For a time Birgitte spied on the Forsaken providing information of what they were doing in the dream and access to meetings held there. It is apparently possible to rip a hero from the Wheel of Time using the One Power. This act, without aid, would result in the permanent death of the hero.After a time, it is revealed that the Phantom World is in fact the true Real World, while the former Real World is called the Dream World, created from the dreams of the people of the Real World, in which each inhabitant has a Dream World counterpart.

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The world of dreams

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Tel'aran'rhiod (tel-AYE-rahn-rhee-ODD; Old Tongue: The Unseen World), also known as the World of Dreams and the Wolf Dream, is a parallel world where all the possibilities of the Wheel of Time connect, and it is linked to all the myriad such worlds that exist within the Wheel.

It is both of those worlds and apart from them, and is occasionally entered .

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