Theme to riders of the sea

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Theme to riders of the sea

Theme[ edit ] The ride was inspired by the Autobahnthe German highway system.

Theme to riders of the sea

As shown in the teaser video, a car takes a leisurely trip down the Autobahn, but suddenly lightning strikes the car and causes it to drive into the Black Forest, a "forbidden" forest in which the ride takes place. The dark forest encounters weather changes, such as lightning, as shown in the video.

The queue and station are themed as a motor tours agency owned and operated by the brother and sister team of Gerta and Gunter Schwartzwald. A portion of the queue is decorated as Gunter's office which houses such curious items as plant samples, monitors, and the luggage of the unlucky tourists who have come before.

The theme of the ride itself is the Black Forest and various legends associated with it. The inside of the event building is decorated with painted drops and set pieces, as well as featuring unique sound and lighting effects. The Spirit of the Forest - In this story the effects feature a peaceful sounding spirit who lures riders into the forest and then turns on them.

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Lightning Storm - In this story the effects feature a violent storm that threatens to destroy the riders and their vehicle. The Big Bad Wolf - In this story the effects feature a pair of glowing red eyes that stalk the train during its journey through the forest, a nod to the ride's predecessor.

The inclusion of multiple effects stories ensures that repeat riders will have a unique experience. Inside the event building, the train crests an airtime hill and then dives into a series of high speed turns, followed by a helix that guides the train onto a brake run, while holographic leaves appear with critter sounds in the background.

The train then dives into a curve and up a medium-sized hill onto a second brake run, while more holographic branches appear with rusting sounds. The train finally comes to a stop on a section of track, with blackness for a while, followed by various thematic elements This segment of the ride changes depending on which theme the coaster is onthen the entire train drops 18 feet vertically.

Once dropped, the train rolls forward and down a small dip onto the second LSM launch, which quickly accelerates it out of the event building, and through an 'S' turn up a hill.

Theme to riders of the sea

At the crest of the hill, the track hits a brake run themed as a decaying bridge. The train then enters a high speed S-curve, and goes over a bunny hop into a turnaround onto the final brake run. One of the three stories played within the event building features glowing red wolf eyes that chase riders through the forest.

The final drop down to the riverbank as well as the turns that follow it copy the original coaster's drop towards the river.


Verbolten even reuses Big Bad Wolf's concrete footers.For the sake of your safety, you need to meet certain criteria for some of our rides. Appropriate clothing must be worn on all attractions. View ride requirements and height restrictions here.

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