Thesis for industrial revolution essay

James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny for spinning thread. When before a person would have to specialize in a specific job and know the details of working that particular job, they now were used in a factory setting where they had to focus on a single, usually menial task to accomplish.

Thesis for industrial revolution essay

By some accounts it was a time of great suffering for those who toiled in the factories, and by other sources, it was just like any other occupation at the time. Based on the overwhelming amount of negative evidence, it is obvious that these insinuations of cruelty inflicted upon these unfortunate souls was real, and that the time of so called progress was just a front for a greater cruelty going on behind the doors of these factories.

Firstly, remarks from former Prime Minister Disraeli in Document 1 provides a view of factory life to be not entirely impossible, but brings to attention the crushing isolation and solitude to which children as young as four or five were subjected to daily.

He does not mention any notions of beating the workers, but seems to believe that isolation is the worst torture of all. As a former Prince Minister, Disraeli was to know the plight of the people he was elected by, but the fact remains that as a member of Parliament, he was probably not working in a factory, and therefore, would not know the full extent of the conditions the working class was forced to endure, and as such, would only be able to go on what he heard.

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In the same medium ground set of mind was Fredrich Engels of Document 5, though his thoughts centered on women in the workforce. His beliefs were that women were better off at home with the children, instead of working.

While some Thesis for industrial revolution essay his points, especially the ones centered on the newborn child and its working mother were grounded in fact and truth, the basic point of the matter is that he was a man, and he did not work in a factory, so he would not know about the conditions either.

It must also be established that Engels came from a family who owned a factory, and this writing could be nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to get back at them by attacking their means of business.

The transcript from a child laborer speaks of how he had to work sixteen hours from the age of six, only had a lunch break of forty minutes on the best of days, and had to fear beatings if he was too slow in his work. Since the young boy testifying actually worked in a factory, lived in these conditions and worked those long hours, it is safe to say that he was not making this up, and the state of the factory truly was as terrible as it sounded.

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A factory worker at this young age would have no real agenda to bring down the company, so the words he spoke were the truth. Joining this field of realizing the squalid conditions is again, a Mr.

Fredrich Engels in within the confines of Document 7. Now he is focusing on the factories themselves and on their conditions for workers. He stated that the situation is actually worse than what has been described, calling it a hell upon earth, and that it is all because of the Industrial Revolution.

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Again, his anger and resentment of his family may have caused him to write this, but this time it is possible he is speaking out of the most honest truth about the horrible conditions existing in these work spaces. His credibility, however, is still somewhat limited because he did not work in one of these facilities, so he would now know the full effects on the worker to work in a place as bad as this.

What he has said, however, clearly illustrates that working conditions were not nearly up to par with what they should have been and therefore, at least had some truth in his writing. Following up with showing the dark half of the Industrial Revolution is a letter written by Robert Southey as part of Document 8.

In his letter, Southey states that children as young as seven or eight are sent to work without rest for long hours. His disgust with this practice even leads to a comparison to Dante and his idea of the underworld, a bit dramatic but true to the point he was trying to get at. In stating how really bad it was for the worker in this letter, he shows the depths of inconsideration for child laborers; they were only given an hour of schooling after working long hours to supposedly help them in the future, and that was it.

While he may have reported what he said and heard, as well as showing a darker side to society, in all truth, he was not the one working the factory and therefore, can only go by his observations.This essay argues that the Industrial Revolution led to a sexual revolution.

The book taking sides presents a debate between the two authors Joseph and Hellen Mitchell whose ideas conflict regarding the increasing rate of .

Thesis for industrial revolution essay

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In matlab operators work on arguments or operands. Industrial Revolution - fINAL The Industrial Revolution was a step forward for the world as shown by new advances in technology, new working conditions, and the revolution's profound effect on society.

Dec 31,  · The industrial revolution was a turning point in history as it paved the way for many advancements, however such improvements caused many negative aspects to occur and it was not until such grievances arose that serious change began. Any suggestions?

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