Uiowa thesis graduate college

Who was George Scherff? Better yet, who was George H. There exists no legitimate record of a George H. Scherff being born in the U.

Uiowa thesis graduate college

Who was George Scherff? Better yet, who was George H. There exists no legitimate record of a George H. Scherff being born in the U. If he was born in Germany, could his birthplace shed some light on this mystery? Probably - if they exist. Otto Skorzeny - S. On more than one occasion probably during the late sTesla caught the year old Scherff looking at his notes, poring through his books, and stealing small items from his lab.

Curiously, the day before the national theatrical release of the Hollywood production of the Curious George feature length film, Alan Shalleck, the originator of Curious George and the man in the Yellow hatwas found murdered under a pile of plastic garbage bags in his driveway in Florida at age Worth a thousand words: But this was not the only bombshell Otto Skorzeny delivered that day in late Skorzeny, producing a shoe box full of years worth of his personal photographs, showed them to Berman, Uiowa thesis graduate college each one in great detail.

The collection featured a photo of a young, majestic Skorzeny in full S. Then there were photos of Reinhard Gehlen S.

According to Skorzeny, Adolph Hitler was alive and well in the U. Skorzeny did not stop there. Seated in the midst of those in the photo was a young George H. He was 16 at the time. Scherff later enlisted in the U. The Americans kept it a secret, worried the truth might anger the Russians.

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His body was cremated, I have a copy of his death certificate, and I saw his ashes. Nazi war criminals, not just rocket scientists, were brought to America after the war. He was still able to walk around - he was still very impressive and he had about the biggest hands I have ever shaken.

His whole goal was This was his one last way of However, Charlotte Muzar, a secretary, paid Tesla the visit. From his condition upon her arrival she felt as though he may not live through the night.

It was apparent that Tesla was nearing the end of his time. By late December ofTesla began meeting with two U.

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These men carried away many of his documents for microfilming. Tesla was found deceased in his hotel room on the morning of January 8, This was an interesting maneuver considering that Tesla was a United States citizen.

As Skorzeny described to Berman in detail his involvement with George H.

Uiowa thesis graduate college

Skorzeny did not stop with these soul-cleansing disclosures. Joseph Mengele Steven Rabel. Justice Department to inform them that Nazi spies were being harbored by certain factions of the U.

That was my whole intention. Basically, someone from the OSI tipped her off that I had contacted them All right, uh, my girlfriend was in the car at the time, all right, and I sped through three lanes of traffic and went into a local shopping center, and he pulled in right behind me - and he gave me a dirty look - then he pulled a couple feet away, then he drove off.

She broke up with me when the government tipped her off that I wrote a book about her family. An exhaustive search revealed an interesting twist.

Since Skorzeny had children, he likely had a wife. In fact, he did have a wife and left a trail though worn out by timethat might shed some light on the master plan this issue is discussed later.

The Nazi-CIA connection to the money was obvious.Religious symbolism in the United States military includes the use of religious symbols for military chaplain insignia, uniforms, emblems, flags, and chapels; symbolic gestures, actions, and words used in military rituals and ceremonies; and religious symbols or designations used in areas such as headstones and markers in national cemeteries, .

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